YouTube Paid Channels, LinkedIn Turns 10, and Inexplicably Popular Hashtags | This Week in Social Media

YouTube Adding Paid Channels

Some of your favorite YouTube channels may now be charging you to view their videos. YouTube announced this week that a small group of its partners would offer paid channels with subscription fees starting at $0.99 per month. More channels will be added to the paid model in the coming weeks but, for now, a full list of the pilot channels may be found here.

LinkedIn Turns 10

This week marked LinkedIn’s 10-year anniversary. Since launching in 2003, LinkedIn has become the most popular social network for maintaining professional relationships with everyone who’s ever handed you a business card. Unsurprisingly, LinkedIn has experienced its strongest growth in the last few years when rising unemployment rates have resulted in a record number of job seekers looking to connect with employers online. If you haven’t been on board since the beginning, here’s a handy timeline to help you catch up.

Because It’s Warm Outside: Inexplicably Popular Instagram Hashtags

It’s warm outside and some brains are cooking. Clearly. Mashable posted an article of 16 inexplicably popular hashtags on Instagram like #babies_with_swagg (26,040 images), #teef (14,087) and #turtlebackpack (3,657). Here we were trying to craft the perfect hashtag for the amazing clients and products we represent. We just needed to get on the #teef bandwagon. Have a great Mother’s Day weekend everyone!