YouTube Changes, Pinterest Knockoffs and Facebook Puts Twitter in Check | The Latest in Social Media

All YouTube pages converted to the new channel design on March 7

This week in social media, YouTube updated all its pages to the channel’s new look and Facebook’s Timeline for Brands has forced Twitter’s hand on brand pages. We also take a look at some of the Pinterest knockoffs out there as well as two of the Pinterest mash-ups that are making the rounds this week.

YouTube Channels Updated March 7

YouTube forced a new channel design update to all its pages on March 7. The new channel look is intended to have a more streamlined and consistent look, make it easier to find and view videos and offer more flexible layouts for featured content. To take a look at some of the channel changes, YouTube offers a helpful walkthrough of some of the new features but we’re also happy to help consult at any time.

Pinterest Knockoffs

Everyone is still abuzz about Pinterest, including the copycats. What do The Fancy, Manteresting, Gentlemint and Stylepin have in common? They all have a similar look and feel as Pinterest with a slightly narrower focus and a much narrower audience. Other developers are trying to mash Pinterest with other sites like Instagram and Facebook to create mash-ups like Pingram and Friendsheet. It remains to be seen if any of these niche sites catch on, but it’s exciting to see the creativity that Pinterest has ignited.

Facebook Timeline Forces Twitter’s Hand

Twitter revealed brand pages in December but Facebook’s launch of Timeline for Brands is forcing big changes to the blue bird. Twitter plans to add e-commerce, contests and sweepstakes, according to Ad Age. Big brands like Nike, American Express and McDonald’s were part of the launch group before Twitter opened up brand pages for anyone who committed $25,000 in advertising. Will brand pages on Twitter succeed? Will users be compelled to leave their feeds to visit actual Twitter accounts. Twitter hopes so. Ad Age