Yahoo Buys Tumblr, Twitter Launches Two-Step Verification, and Geoguessr Robs Everyone Of Any Remaining Productivity | This Week in Social Media

Yahoo buys Tumblr; Internet weeps

Early this Monday, Yahoo announced a $1.1 billion deal for popular blogging platform Tumblr, promising “not to screw it up.” CEO and founder of the six-year-old company—26-year-old and new billionaire David Karp—said he “couldn’t be more excited” about the acquisition, reaffirming that Tumblr’s headquarters, team, and mission won’t change. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer called the deal a “game changer” for the Internet giant—but promised (in her own Tumblr post, of course) that Tumblr will be left free of any Yahoo branding. But denizens of the Internet aren’t so sure—WordPress CEO Matt Mullenwag reported more than 72,000 Tumblr posts imported to WordPress in just one hour following the news.

Twitter launches two-step verification

Hackers may have a harder time trying to break into Twitter accounts thanks to a new two-step verification process officially launched this week. As previously reported, the feature requires a user to enter their password each time they log in and THEN a verification code that is sent to their phone. The code is not generated until a user tries to log in and will change each time they do. This is likely a result of the slew of account hacks on some major brands like Jeep and Burger King. For a quick demonstration on how to activate the two-step verification click here.

Dangerously addictive geography game (no, really)

Programmer Anton Wallén found a clever new purpose for Google Maps when he created Geoguessr, an online game that places players in randomly selected locations in Street View and challenges them to identify their location based on any clues they can uncover while exploring the area virtually. The game combines old-school geographic sleuthing with advanced Google skills; you can guess your location based on the flora and fauna—like this National Geographic Cartographer—or you can narrow down your location by searching the name on a road sign or a local store you spot in the distance.  Check out the notoriously addictive game for yourself—but don’t expect to do much else this weekend.