When Meetup Goes to Facebook, Will Fans Go To Meetups?


Meetup Co-founder and CEO Scott Heiferman announced last week that Meetup will launch a tab in June for Facebook fan pages. The tab will streamline the process of organizing or signing up for a Meetup so that users won’t have to leave a brand’s Facebook page to do so.

Integrating Meetup and Facebook seems like a logical next step, allowing brands to merge the functionality of Meetup with the strong fan base many already have on Facebook. The true test will come once brands start putting the new tab to use.

Will fans be engaged enough with a product to take their passion off the web and into the real world?

The announcement of this new feature comes a few months after a major overhaul of Meetup, which introduced major design and functional changes. It sparked a little bit of a revolt among many longtime users of the site who felt betrayed by the updates. While it’s unclear if former users who were wooed away to Meetup competitors in the wake of the controversy will be tempted back by the new Facebook tab, what’s guaranteed is that brands will be eager to bring Meetup to their tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of Facebook fans.

Over six million people have joined Meetup groups and over one million meetups have been held. But those are users who have opted in to the service by visiting Meetup.com. What happens when the Meetup is brought to a new audience via a Facebook page which had previously been a place to participate in discussions, share content and offer comments?

There’s no way to know until the tab launches and brands start putting it to use. What is clear from this announcement is that more companies are eager to integrate their offerings with Facebook. The audience is already there and, increasingly, so are the services.

Shannon Riffe Shannon Riffe is a Marketing Assistant, helping to execute Fluency’s social media programs and generate engaging and viral content for clients. Read more from Shannon at blog.fluencymedia.com