Unfollow Buttons, Amazon Drones, and Salsa wars | This Week In Social Media

The Salsa Fiasco That Never Was

In the world’s most hilarious (but also fake) Twitter war of all time, comedian Kyle Kinane got into a gritty public feud on Sunday with purveyor of fine Mexican condiments Pace Salsa. Kinane’s outrage stemmed from the fact that the company—whose Twitter account was not verified by Twitter—appeared to automatically favorite any tweet mentioning the brand, regardless of their content. The comedian began tweeting negative salsa commentary when, much to the Internet’s delight, the Pace Salsa account continued to favorite the tweets. In a heated DM exchange, Kinane managed to bribe a “Pace employee” into giving him a case of free salsa, while getting another alleged employee so riled up that he appeared to have been fired. Sadly, the fiesta was declared a hoax by Monday afternoon.


Everyone’s favorite Twitter threat is now fair game on Facebook, too. The company announced Tuesday that it would replace the “Hide All” button on users’ newsfeeds with an “Unfollow” button, allowing users to block all posts from certain friends. Now, users can sever ties completely with that one high school buddy who’s always asking for money or your Aunt Sally, who won’t stop tagging you in pictures of her twelve cats. “This means you are still friends, but updates from that person won’t appear in your News Feed,” Facebook said of the updated feature. “The goal of this change is to help people curate their newsfeed and see more of the content that they care about.” And to surreptitiously block people without their noticing.

Consumerism Takes To The Skies

We, the people of Earth, love Amazon.com. And Amazon.com loves us back. How can we be so sure? Because beautiful and possibly evil billionaire Jeff Bezos revealed Sunday—in an interview with Charlie Rose on “60 Minutes”—that the company is developing a drone-based delivery service called Prime Air. The drones, which Bezos expects could be fully funded and FAA-approved as early as 2015, would be capable of delivering packages weighing fewer than 5 pounds to customers in less than 30 minutes. Too good to be true? Check out Bezos’ full interview here, which definitely didn’t happen the night before a record-breaking Cyber Monday for any particular reason except that Jeff Bezos loves us and wants us to be happy.