Twitter's Birthday and New Spotify Apps | This Week in Social Media

Happy Birthday Twitter

Twitter celebrated its sixth birthday last week and announced an impressive stat in the process: 140 million active users. That number would put Twitter roughly 10 million active users behind LinkedIn but ahead of the Google+ audience, which is estimated at 100 million. Twitter boasts 340 million tweets per day and there’s no denying that the social media platform is as much of a news deliverer as it is a newsmaker. Twitter Blog

Spotify Releases Second Round of Music Apps

Popular music subscription service Spotify is releasing a second round of music apps designed by record labels and distributors like Sony, EMI and Def Jam. Like the first round of apps, these updates are intended to help users discover new music and get the most out of the platform. Some apps are designed to give rich histories and playlists surrounding an artist, while some are just for fun, like the song vs. song Hot or Not. Are the apps working? Spotify thinks so. Users have already spent 1,500 years in apps since their official debut. Spotify

Emotion Trumps Humor

Baseball season is almost here which means baseball video game season has also arrived. While 2KSports opted for star power and humor to sell their product, PlayStation used emotion to promote their newest game, available only on their platform. PlayStation’s video had 2.6 million views to 100,000 for 2KSports, but the most telling thing is the comments on YouTube. “I hate the Cubs but I got goosebumps watching this.” “I just cried thinking of my father who was a diehard Cubs fan.” How can your brand make an emotional connection with your audience?