Twitter says “Cheese”, Batteries getting a Boost and Big Bitcoin Earnings | This Week in Social Media

Pictures take canter stage on Twitter mobile app

Another shift toward more visual content from Twitter this week. An update to the Twitter mobile app showcases and highlights imagery and pictures in timelines. Rather than going to all of that trouble to click on a link to open up an image, the image now appears as a preview in the timeline. You can also reply, favorite and retweet directly on your timeline.

Cellphone batteries that go on and on and on and on…

A cell charge that lasts days…even weeks? Surely we jest! But no! It was announced that a new supercapacitor made of silicon can be implanted onto a chip and provide enough juice to last for much MUCH longer than what we’re currently used to. In fact, the technology may also be able to create solar cells that wouldn’t even require natural sunlight to produce energy. No word on when the technology will be made public, but it’s probably a safe bet to not bet on your phone’s charge lasting until that time.

Banking on Bitcoin

Ever find $50 in an old coat and think you’ve hit it big? Imagine that…only imagine that it’s more than a MILLION dollars and thanks to a tech investment. Okay, well this isn’t quite the same thing, but this week we learned an Oslo man, Christopher Koch,  purchased $27 worth of this new thing called “bitcoin” back in 2009. It was a purchase made on a whim and he quickly forgot about it, but after hearing all of this talk about bitcoin in the news he frantically searched for the right password to access his account. Once he was able to access his account he discovered that his $27 had become more than $800,000! Even better, Koch’s investment is now worth more than a million dollars and would probably be worth even more – if he hadn’t cashed in a fifth of his investment to move to one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Oslo.