Twitter Hackers, the Perfect Tweet and Social Media Day | This Week in Social Media

Twitter Outage and High Profile Hacking

When Twitter went dark for an hour last week due to a “cascading bug”, it was the longest the platform had been unusable since a midnight to 1 a.m. dark period back in October of 2011. The outage spawned a fake Twitter profile (@CascadingBug) and drew hackers out of the woodwork claiming responsibility, but Twitter claims it was a bug in one of their infrastructure components. Lost in the shuffle was one of the most high-profile Twitter hacks in recent memory. Actress/comedian Whitney Cummings, star of the NBC sitcom “Whitney had her account hacked and was unable to resume control of her account for hours while the hacker posted expletive-laden racist messages to her 630,000+ followers. Huffington Post

Why the World’s Perfect News Tweet is Boring

Researchers from UCLA and Hewlett-Packard’s HP Labs have found a way to predict a news story’s popularity with an 84% accuracy. Here’s one example of a perfect tweet:

Bits Blog: Apple Buddies Up With Cheaper Wireless Partners for iPhone

A little dull, right? But according to the study, that’s the point. Compelling news expressed in straightforward, not hyperbolic language is a component of maximally shareable content. Also maximizing popularity of tweets is a credible source (The New York Times), a shareable category of content (technology being the most popular) and starring a company with high brand recognition (Apple). The algorithm benefits news organizations the most, helping them recalibrate content to appeal to social media audiences not only in presentation but in production. Sorry lovers of internet truncation and exclamation points – straightforward wins the race. Or should I say, L8R!!! The Atlantic

Social Media Day | June 30

On June 30, Mashable celebrates the third-annual Social Media Day with events around the world, bringing social media professionals together to meet, network and have fun. From Brazil to Buffalo, Mashable is hosting gatherings across the world. Fluency Media staff plan to attend the celebrations in Detroit at the MotorCity Casino to meet area social media experts, talk about the field and celebrate Michigan’s efforts in social. It should be a lot of fun and we hope to see you there. Mashable