Twitter Goes public, Jimmy Kimmel Punks the Internet, and AT&T Fails at Sympathy | This Week in Social Media

Never Forget: Choose AT&T

Twelve years later, many major brands still haven’t learned how to deal with the events of September 11th, or any tragedy for that matter. This year AT&T got most of the heat after tweeting this message commemorating the victims of the terrorist attacks with a sales-y image featuring an AT&T phone. The tweet sparked immediate backlash and was deleted an hour later, replaced with an apology. The misstep proves once again that when it comes to national tragedy, it’s usually best for brands to say nothing at all.

Jimmy Kimmel Makes a Fool of the Internet, Broadcast News, Everyone

The Internet went crazy over a viral video purporting to be the “Worst Twerk Fail EVER” in which a young woman falls and catches fire while trying out the dance fad. After numerous news outlets reported on the video, Jimmy Kimmel revealed that it was the work of a stuntwoman and his staff, who posted the video on YouTube without fanfare a week prior. There’s some debate over whether the stunt was a harmless prank or a betrayal of the public trust, but the real question is: Are you not entertained?

Twitter Files Some Papers

Twitter announced Thursday afternoon—in a tweet, of course—that the social network has submitted paperwork to the SEC for a much-anticipated initial public offering. Twitter follows in the steps of Facebook, which went public last May and, despite a rocky start, seems to have made a strong comeback. It’s not time to bust open your piggy bank quite yet, though—there’s no date set for Twitter’s debut on the stock market.