Twitter Gets More Twitter-Centric, Apple Patent Lawsuit Win, and Marissa Mayer Makes Swift Changes at Yahoo | This Week in Social Media

Twitter Removes App Origin Indicator

Twitter has removed the ability for users to see which third-party application or device originated a tweet. This information used to appear in timelines, allowing followers to determine whether an account employed Twitter, TweetDeck, HootSuite, text messaging, or another third-party service from which to post updates. This change comes on the heels of Twitter revoking access for both Tumblr and Instagram users to port their contacts over from Twitter. Talking Points Memo (TMP)

Apple Wins Major Patent Lawsuit Against Samsung

Apple recently won a major patent lawsuit against Samsung. The ruling found that Samsung’s TouchWiz interface for Android OS had stolen Apple’s iOS look and feel. This ruling could predict a larger legal clash looming in the distance. With Google’s recent acquisition of Motorola, and as Apple eyes potential lawsuits against Android-based tablets, Google is likely to get involved, setting up a courtroom showdown between the two tech industry giants. Extreme Tech

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Replaces CMO… Quickly

Marissa Mayer didn’t waste time replacing Mollie Spilman, Yahoo’s now former CMO. Mayer, the ex-Googler and new CEO of Yahoo informed Spilman (who was on vacation at the time) that she was being replaced by Kathy Savitt, CEO of Lockerz. It was widely expected that Mayer would make changes to Yahoo’s senior executives in the coming months, but the speed and and manner in which she has moved to replace the top brass at the one-time search engine powerhouse has raised a few eyebrows. Business Insider