Twitter censors tweets, boycotts Rolling Stone and gets you out of purgatory

Twitter now censors explicit tweets

Twitter has updated its mobile apps to automatically censor tweets that may contain explicit content. When clicking on “sensitive media”,” users will now see a warning screen with the option to view content anyway. The default setting is intended to shield the eyes of younger users, but will be a welcome feature for anyone irritated by the long-term problem of explicit spam tweets. It looks like the feature has it’s flaws, though, unless you consider this picture of Al Sharpton too hot for Twitter.

Rolling Stone gets heat for August cover

The decision by Rolling Stone to feature Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover of its August issue led outraged Twitter users to call for a boycott of the magazine, while several retailers used their Twitter accounts to announce plans to pull the issue from shelves. Of course, this isn’t the first time the magazine has featured a public enemy on it’s cover. As a result, Rolling Stone was a trending topic on Twitter for twelve straight hours, but if the choice is a publicity stunt, will it work?

Pope finds new way to get more Twitter followers

The Vatican announced this week that followers of the Pope’s Twitter account will receive indulgences if they follow the events of World Youth Day online. Indulgences are granted to Catholics after they confess their sins, and are believed to lessen the amount of time a person spends in purgatory. We’ve seen some creative calls for more Twitter followers, but no one else has offered afterlife benefits before.