R.I.P. TweetDeck Mobile, Facebook Update and Haters Gonna Hate | This Week in Social Media

Facebook Gets All Up In Your News Feed

In a live press event Thursday, CEO Mark Zuckerberg and senior designers announced long-awaited changes to the Facebook News Feed. In addition to separate feeds for ‘All friends’, ‘Close Friends’ and ‘Most Recent’ stories, users will now be able to toggle between multiple content-specific feeds to find photos, music, events and game posts shared by friends and pages. A ‘Following’ feed will also compile all posts by pages and public figures into a single feed. In response to complaints that the News Feed algorithm results in buried stories, most of the feeds will be sorted in chronological order. The homepage will get a revamped look, as well. Photos, links and other shared content now will appear larger in size as part of a minimalist design that incorporates the sidebar navigation from the mobile app. User experience will also become more consistent across devices as the mobile platform design is mimicked on the web. Facebook will begin slowly rolling out the new design this week — join the waiting list here if you want to be the first of your friends to get it.

Science Proves It: Haters Gonna Hate

A Pew Research study confirmed this week that Twitter is full of haters. The survey was conducted over a year, comparing the general population’s reaction to breaking news vs. the tenor on Twitter. The results: people will hate anything on Twitter. Bands, chocolate, former Wisconsin football coaches. The study confirms what most community managers already know—Twitter is rarely an accurate barometer of sentiment regarding public opinion on current events, products, etc. When the negativity gets to be too much, we advise you to take a stroll to clear your head.

Fare Thee Well, Third-Party Twitter Apps

Twitter announced Monday that it would disable support for TweetDeck’s iOS and Android apps (as well as its AIR app for desktops) in order to focus on developments to the TweetDeck web client. Twitter acquired the social management tool in May of 2011, in a deal worth over $40 million in cash and stock. In a blog post TweetDeck confirmed that the apps will be removed from their respective stores in early May, and will stop working entirely “shortly thereafter.” Basically, Twitter really, really wants you to use their native iOS app. TweetDeck will also completely discontinue integration with Facebook, as tensions between Twitter and Facebook continue to mount.