Tim Schaden, Fluency Media’s CEO Outlines 3-Step Roadmap for Marketing Integration Success

Ann Arbor, Michigan April 19, 2010 – Tim Schaden, CEO of Fluency Media joined Social Media Marketing leaders during the Future Midwest Conference held April 16-17th, 2010. Tim delivered a comprehensive roadmap illustrating how brands could boost the impact of their online marketing programs through smart integration of their media platforms. Notably, Fluency provided a quick 3-Step Framework that focuses on 1) Using What You Know, 2) Planning For What You Don’t and 3) Integrate.

His presentation “The Key to Making Integration Work in Any Business” can be downloaded from www.slideshare.net/fluencymedia and a Future Midwest Conference Wrap can be viewed at www.FluencyMedia.com/blog

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Fluency Media develops award-winning, turnkey internet marketing campaigns for mid-to-large sized companies and institutions. As the originator of both the technologies and the marketing strategies that drive successful digital programs, the company assumes a unique level of responsibility for producing results and delivering ROI for its clients. This deep level of insight enables Fluency to enact near-real-time strategy adjustments to maximize digital efforts. Fluency specialists manage internet marketing channel execution and analysis daily, resulting in continuous and actionable market intelligence, and their proprietary tracking and analytics solution is capable of comparing all online marketing touch points, costs and conversion events side by side for true ROI analysis and custom integration. Fluency’s clients benefit from integrated marketing solutions which include search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, web site sales flow optimization, online publishing and social media strategy, and email marketing programs. For more information, please visit www.fluencymedia.com or call 1.734.302.3300.