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Meet Cobbler, the 2012 National Thanksgiving TurkeyWhich bird will the White House pardon? You decide

The White House turned to Facebook this year for its annual National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation, a Thanksgiving tradition started by John F. Kennedy when he first “pardoned” a turkey at the White House in 1963. Facebook fans were asked to choose between two turkeys, named Cobbler and Gobbler, based on photos, stats, and fun facts posted about each bird. In the end, Cobbler was declared 2012’s National Thanksgiving Turkey. But fear not, vegetarian friends—Gobbler didn’t become Thanksgiving dinner. After the pardoning, both turkeys traveled to George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens, where they will reside in a custom-made enclosure at Mount Vernon’s nationally recognized livestock facility.

Epic Meal Time creates a Thanksgiving feast not for the faint of heart

YouTube cooking show Epic Meal Time—which develops “monstrous high-calorie meals for your viewing pleasure”—presented a meal this Thanksgiving that puts yours to shame (or, alternatively, will make you feel a whole lot better about that third slice of pumpkin pie). This artery-clogging take on a turducken stuffs four birds into one another, covers them in bacon, and then stuffs them into a turkey. Oh, and then stuffs that into a pig. Yeah. Watch the video—if you dare.

Thanksgiving sets new records for Instagram

This Thanksgiving, users of the popular photo-sharing application Instagram posted over 10 million photos related to the holiday. For several hours on Thursday, more than 200 Thanksgiving photos were shared per second. During the peak of sharing, the site saw 226 photos per second, making Thanksgiving Day 2012 Instagram’s busiest day ever. The company, which was purchased by Facebook earlier this year, says the previous day’s number of shared photos was more than doubled on Thanksgiving Day.  The company’s blog credits the “intimacy and immediacy of the Instagram experience” for the social network’s increasing popularity, particularly as users take advantage of the platform to share holiday moments with friends and family across the globe.