The Rise of Social Media Monitoring Tools

If you needed confirmation of just how big of an impact social media is making on the business decisions of major corporations, take a look at the recent acquisition of Radian6.  For more than $325million agreed to buy an upstart Canadian company which specializes in social media monitoring tools.

Monitoring a Social Network

The explosion of consumer activity in social media platforms has caused a sharp increase in the demand for enterprise-wide social media tools. The market has responded with a number of products that monitor and listen to the conversations taking place on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs across the web.  Radian6 matured into one of the leading offerings in this space and became an attractive option for to increase its cloud computing capabilities.

While tools like Radian6 offer an impressive amount of social media data, they cannot yet offer deep insights.  It is important to understand that insights cannot be pre-programmed and require careful analysis and expertise to deduce.  Data is always nice, but it is not valuable without proper analysis.

Companies looking to enter social media or improve their positioning and engagement need partners who can provide both reliable data and actionable insights.  This combination is essential to discovering the big picture and gaining the most value from your social media channels.