The Only Social Media Strategy Question Worth Asking

You know that before you send one tweet you need a well-considered social media strategy.   You’ve probably mapped out your content, made sure you can get it on a regular basis, and have a social media policy in place.

But, I’m going to challenge you and ask you to answer one question for me…

Don’t worry – there’s only one wrong answer (I’ll tell you at the end)

Here’s the question:

“What type of conversation does your brand want to have with your customers?”

The answer to this question will define your strategy and your tactics.

The Pitfall

One common misstep that businesses make is focusing their social media strategy solely around their available content.  They pile-up their press releases, whitepapers, and fact-sheets and start shoving them into Twitter, Facebook, and blog boxes.

This seems logical.  The problem is that your customers may not care about this “information”.  They want your brand to address “THEIR” interests, concerns, and needs.

And, if they are going to share even a minute of their day with your brand, you need to communicate quickly how your brand is relevant. The only way to do this is to be ready to have a conversation based on your brand’s personality and unique value TO the customer.

How Leading Brands Have Answered this Question

Our client’s brand Pure Michigan wants to have a conversation about Michigan’s unique travel destinations.  Over 130,000 on Facebook check in regularly to participate in this discussion.

Nike wants to discuss how it can help “citizen” athletes achieve their goals.

Ford is eager to know how their vehicles can meet the needs and aspirations of their passionate customers.

How about you?

What To Do with Your Answer

Once you’ve answered “The Question” you can make some smart choices about the social TOOLS you’ll use.

Do you want to deliver a social experience that immerses your customers? Then YouTube may be an important platform.

Want to invest time getting to know individual customers and sharing their stories? Spend some quality time with Facebook.

Are you a resource focused on meeting the ongoing needs of a small business community?  LinkedIn may be your ticket.

You’ll be surprised how clear your social media choices become when you ask the right questions.

Oh…the only wrong answer to the question: “What type of conversation does your brand want to have with your customers?”

Is to not have an answer.  (You saw that one coming didn’t you?)

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