The Heartbleed Bug and Banks on Social Media | This Week in Social Media

Change Your Passwords. Right Now

The biggest bug of all is upon us. The Heartbleed bug is a vulnerability with OpenSSL, a security protocol used by over 60% of the web and allowing hackers to steal data, eavesdrop on conversations or impersonate users. A security patch has been released, but your current passwords may still be vulnerable. The key social media websites affected are Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and possibly Twitter. Social media managers and anyone with access to brand accounts should change their passwords right away to avoid trouble—including personal Google and Facebook accounts linked to brands.

A full list of passwords to change can be found here.

The Wells Fargo Social Media Command Center

When was the last time you tweeted something positive about your bank? Wells Fargo has established a team of around 20 professionals based in two offices across the country to monitor conversations, respond to customers and create content for the brand. The command center tracks between 2,000 and 4,000 mentions a day, while publishing 16,000 pieces of content in the first quarter alone. Their efforts have already paid off, helping the bank respond to a rumor about instituting fees for domestic direct deposits that was circulating online in mid-January. The corporate communications and deposit team issued a statement on social media and, when the rumor flared up again, the social team already had pre-approved content ready for responses.

Instagram Bigger than Twitter on Smartphones

Twitter trumps Instagram for monthly active users, but when it comes to smartphone use, Instagram is pulling ahead. eMarketer estimates that 30.8 million Americans used Twitter on their smartphones in 2013 vs. 34.6 million on Instagram. They predict that the trend will continue in 2014, with 37.3 million using Twitter on their smartphones, while 40.5 million use Instagram.