The Fluency Five Link Roundup #2

Lots of great articles made their way around the blogosphere this past week.

Here are 5 of the best picked by our Fluency team.


Yahoo/Bing Transition May Happen As Early As Oct 11
Great Tips for Getting Yourself Prepared for the Yahoo/Bing Transition


How Do We Know Our Return on Investment as Bloggers?
Excellent article that explores the ongoing question…What am I getting out of social media?


11 Killer Ways to Increase Your Facebook CTR
Are you optimizing your Facebook ads?  Here’s a great article to point you in the right direction.


10 Steps for a Great Welcome Email Series
We’ve been using this tactic for years.  It’s nice to see the industry catching on to the power of triggered-email.


6 Ways to Dive into Analytics and User Experience
Very smart post on how to extract some powerful insights from your analytics data.