The 5 Habits of the Digitally Savvy CMO

It’s tough being a “Digitally Savvy” Chief Marketing Officer.

Gone are the Mad Men days of three broadcast networks and the relatively straightforward management of a shortlist of offline tactics.

Now the savvy CMO isn’t just an offline marketing virtuoso, she also needs to be a master digital experience architect. At Fluency, we’ve been fortunate to work with a diverse group of chief marketing officers from dozens of verticals.

So we thought we would give you a glimpse at what makes them tick. We’ve debated and sifted through our personal experiences and case studies to compile these five top habits of the Digitally Savvy CMO:

(1) Obsessed with Content Marketing
Content powers digital marketing. Compelling customer stories, product benefits, and company culture must be packaged into a captivating narrative for prospects and loyal customers.

The Digitally Savvy CMO is constantly crafting the next special report, viral video, infographic, webinar, and blog post. Like CNN, the nimble marketing organization tells their story 24/7/365.

(2) Data-Driven, Customer Focused
When it comes to data, there’s absolutely no need to guess. The digital revolution in marketing has delivered powerful testing tools, best practices, and a steady flood of new vetted and proven tactics.

The Savvy CMO makes it a priority to track and measure every possible activity under her purview. This data is coupled with qualitative discussions with customers sourced from social media, email, and online surveys to reveal a powerful marketing communications blueprint.

(3) Platform Agnostic
We’ve seen that the Savvy CMO doesn’t care which medium the customer uses to learn about her product. She only cares about telling an enchanting story that motivates her prospect to take action.

Media planning for these CMO’s is an exercise in quantified ruthlessness. If the blog can get the job done then it gets the investment. If Facebook outperforms the website then budget, focus, and resources are allocated accordingly. The digital world evolves too quickly to worship sacred media cows.

(4) Holistic
The Digitally Savvy CMO recognizes that marketing programs can’t live in silos. Unfortunately many organizations are set-up to balkanize marketing into regimented fiefdoms.

The most successful CMOs work tirelessly to knit the marketing disciplines together into a holistic program. For example, social media is mined for ideas for email newsletters, search marketing offers key phrases for targeted blog posts. Website traffic informs product benefit messaging. The Digitally Savvy CMO takes advantage of all of these signals to deliver a high performance program.

(5) Humble
The Savvy CMO recognizes that a single person or agency can’t have a monopoly on creativity. Instead, they see their entire organization as a source of breakthrough ideas. Essentially, everyone is a marketer. The challenge is finding the best way to amplify everyone’s interests and skill sets and channeling them into innovative marketing programs.

Your Turn

Are there habits that we’ve missed? What are some valuable lessons that you’ve learned that have powered your organization’s marketing?