The 1%-ers, @Pontifex Calls it Quits and Valentine's Day | This Week in Social Media

Are you part of the LinkedIn 1%?

Clever marketing or a participation ribbon? This week “Elite” LinkedIn users received notifications that their profiles were among the top 1%, 5% or 10% most viewed LinkedIn profiles in 2012. Cause for celebration, right? Maybe not. With more than 200 million members on LinkedIn, being among the top 1% is being among the top two million. That sounds nice, until you dig a little deeper and realize the number of inactive LinkedIn accounts that must exist. Sorry to be a wet blanket, but these notifications don’t mean much, particularly for digital marketers. You’d have to work at NOT being in the top 5-10%. Rather than think of this as a virtual participation medal, why not look at the 1% emails for what they are—a brilliant marketing move by the folks at LinkedIn. All week, LinkedIn connections shared their rankings and perhaps coincidentally, the same contacts are posting a lot more frequently to the platform as well. LinkedIn reminded members that it exists, that we’re important and that there’s a whole world of connections out there to make. Pretty shrewd, LI. Pretty shrewd.

@Pontifex calls it quits

Pope Benedict XVI’s Monday resignation announcement was big news on Twitter, outshining the State of the Union address and North Korea’s nuclear test, but what about the Holy Father’s own Twitter account? The Vatican promoted the account heavily, even hosting a press conference to document the inaugural tweet, but @Pontifex kept mum as the news broke this week, only breaking silence on Wednesday with a hot-topic-dodging tweet about Lent. That didn’t keep other Twitter users from having some fun at the Pontiff’s expense and speculating about the 85-year-old’s reasons for stepping down. Speculation will no doubt continue as a successor is chosen, but will the next Pope snag his own Twitter handle?

Internet-goers spread the love on social

You can always count on the Internet to turn even the most polarizing of holidays into a rip-roaring time for all. This Valentine’s Day, Twitter hosted prom, Vine gave it the old college try, and Etsy offered plenty of Valentines for people you actually hate. Of course, there was so shortage of baby animals and cute kids—and if you and your Valentine just happen to have a baby nine months from now, IKEA will give you a free crib. Still waiting for “the one?” See how the Internet’s single cats spent Valentine’s Day, or create imaginary animal kingdom couples with Google’s Valentine’s Day Doodle. Recently jilted by a former lover? This new mobile app will completely absolve your Facebook timeline of your former fling.