Start With a Landing Page (5 Things That Will Happen If You Do)

Targeted LandingWhen kicking off any online marketing effort, one of the most effective and rewarding tactics is to establish a targeted landing page, separate from your main website. Use this landing page (and absolutely not your home page) as the destination for all of the traffic generated from your paid search, display advertising, and email campaigns.

So what’s in it for you?

  1. Resonance: With a specific landing page, you have the opportunity to ensure that the headline, messaging, imagery and call-to-action all match and reinforce what the customer sees on the advertisement before clicking. This allows you to extend the brand story beyond the constraints of a rectangular banner, and deliver on the promise that the ad copy hints at. This type of tease/deliver approach, compounded with repetition of the brand message, can yield excellent results.
  2. Endless Possibilities to Test, Test, and Test Again: Using Google Website Optimizer or a similar technology, a smart marketer can use the controlled landing page environment to test all the critical web page variables that affect the sale.
  3. Higher Conversion Rates = More Sales: Ongoing testing of your landing page will allow you to increase your online conversion rate, often by factors of 10. Even small increases to your conversion rate can yield much larger sales gains than simply buying more web traffic, and at a much lower cost.
  4. Establish Your Brand’s ‘Hero’: Another benefit of focusing your testing and analysis to a single web page is that you can more quickly determine the right combination of design, messaging and offer that work for your brand. You may learn that what your customers respond to is wildly different than what you started from.
  5. A Wealth of Knowledge to Inform Future Marketing: Finally, all of the testing and improvements will result in an incredible amount of data and insights that will improve all of your marketing efforts. You can make decisions about marketing variables (color, message, placement, etc) based on learnings that have been tested against your customers and your product offering(s).

Think about putting together a simple, targeted landing page for your next advertising campaign. The opportunity for advanced learning in a compressed amount of time will be well worth the relatively small amount of work. And over time, your modest landing page may prove to be the best advertising investment that you’ve ever made.