Spring Break, Free Photos and Guns | This Week in Social Media

Facebook Says You’ll Break up Before Spring Break

Colleges across the U.S. are in the midst of Spring Break season, which is apparently also high period for dumping your significant other. An oldie but a goodie in data visualization showed that, according to Facebook relationship status changes, people like to start Spring Break and summer vacations single. We at Fluency Media don’t promote college break-ups, but offer our support to broken-hearted Bryn Mawr College Spring Breakers, whose Spring Break starts tomorrow.

Getty Images Releases Millions of Photos for Free

Getty Images is providing a free and legal way for people to use millions of photos for non-commercial use. Embedded photos will carry a Getty photo credit and link back to the company’s website where people will have the opportunity to license the image. Getty has a library of more than 35 million photos, including iconic shots of the Yalta Conference, The Beatles and this little cutie. The move is one way for Getty to own the repurposing and reproduction of its library, but what will the photographers think?

Facebook Enacts Regulations on Gun Sales

Facebook, which owns Instagram, is cracking down on the marketing of regulated items such as guns on Facebook, with special in-app education for those seeking firearms on Instagram. Sites like Guns for Sale have more than 200,000 Facebook likes and connect sellers with buyers for everything from AR 15s to .44 Magnums. A report by Mayors Against Illegal Guns found that tens of thousands of people with criminal backgrounds attempt to purchase firearms on the Internet each year.

Guns for Sale responded to the news in a Facebook post on their page:

“We are a classified community that has been developed to help gun enthusiasts to LEGALLY buy and sell firearms. We 100% support the idea of keeping guns out of the hands of children and dangerous people (i.e. criminals who aren’t allowed to own them). We applaud Facebook for taking a deeper look into this issue that will help make our country a safer place while still keeping our freedoms intact.”