Social Media Marketing Services

Do you want your brand to break out of the box?

Social media can be just as effective as advertising or PR in reaching broad new audiences

Nonni’s Biscotti fans love the product. The brand’s social strategy makes it fun and engaging for fans to celebrate their love of Nonni’s with creatively themed programs and regular product giveaways. The result: an independent Mintel Group research report named Nonni’s the second most engaging cookie brand in social media just behind Oreo. Thanks to its engaged community, Nonni’s fans mobilized in force to vote Nonni’s Salted Caramel Biscotti the Best New Snack Food of 2012, beating out products from powerhouse brands like Kraft and Quaker Foods.

  • Does your 2014 plan include break-out creative programs designed to attract attention outside your known customers and media contacts?
  • Is your social media strategy designed to take advantage of the role that influencers can play?
  • Does your social media strategy focus on influencing and increasing intent-to-purchase?
  • Is your current content plan focused on engaging your fans…or their friends?

Do you see social marketing as a key risk-management tool?

Too many brands still consider social marketing a risk, rather than a powerful line of defense

Fluency’s client’s include global pharmaceutical companies, security firms and regional hospitals. One client in particular set the bar for our community management and content approval process by saying; “Someone could die if the wrong information gets out there.”

  • Are you regularly monitoring the conversation around your brand?
  • Do you have clearly-defined “rules of engagement” for how to respond to various situations?
  • Do you have an efficient set of approval processes in place for content creation?

Are you managing your channels or your content?

Powerful content marketing plans work from a “content-first” approach

  • Are you optimizing your social channels by theme?
  • Do you know exactly which post types create the most on-page engagement vs. the most off-page engagement?
  • Is your current content plan ready to draft off current events?
  • Are you measuring the right things to know if you’re driving relevant results?

Does your content calendar go far enough?

Monthly content calendars let you react to opportunities in the moment

  • Do you have an “80/20” content calendar?
  • Are you running recurrent programs that are strong enough to keep your audience engaged with your brand over someone else’s?
  • What’s the balance of your daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly activity across channels?
  • Does your plan distinguish between fans, shoppers, current customers and the media?
  • Are you providing service and thought leadership to the most influential members of your audiences?

Does your program have a solid operational foundation?

An efficient program can focus on the “why”…not the “how”

  • What content is already available, and what needs to be created from scratch?
  • Who are the stakeholders who are creating or managing content?
  • What will the balance of responsibilities for content creation be?
  • What are the approval processes for community management?
  • What is the effort and budget distribution for channel management?