Shop-able YouTube Videos, MySpace for Millionaires, and Social Media Meltdowns | This Week in Social Media

Google announces shop-able YouTube videos

Soon you’ll finally be able to combine two of your favorite pastimes—shopping and watching videos on the Internet—into one seamless couch-based activity. This week Google announced a new channel gadget that will allow brands to add shopping links for products featured in videos on their channel. The feature will only be available on channel pages, though, so you’ll still have to do an onerous Google search if you want to own something you see in an embedded video.

“MySpace for Millionaires” relaunches

What social network was so elite that it booted Tiger Woods and Lindsay Lohan out of the club? ASMALLWORLD. Launched in 2004, ASMALLWORLD was created to connect a community of “influential people” who are connected by three degrees. Like MySpace for millionaires. A new paid-subscription model (just $110 a year) launched this week, offering the Jay Gatsbys of the world travel and lifestyle content and deals. The site will cap users at 250,000, so rub elbows fast. Even if you’re not elite enough to join ASMALLWORLD, take heart—you can still follow them on Facebook.

Amy’s Baking Company a few muffins shy of a full tinApparently, last night, owners Samy and Amy Bouzaglo took to the restaurant's Facebook to defend themselves against nasty comments from users.

Social media can be a powerful tool for marketing, customer service, and public relations. But in a stunning display of what not to do, a Scottsdale, Arizona bistro took to Facebook to address controversy surrounding their recent appearance on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. On last Friday’s episode—for the first time in the show’s history—Chef Ramsay walked away from Amy’s Baking Company owners, an eccentric couple accused of picking fights with customers and pocketing their waitstaff’s tips. As online chatter surrounding the episode continued to escalate, the owners posted a whale of a meltdown to the company’s Facebook page. Read the full story here, and when you’ve recovered, heed Forbes’ advice—they’ve addressed six seven things you should never do on social media, inspired by the kooky couple.