Sharing Knowledge via a Tweet Chat: Heroview

Sharing Knowledge via a Tweet ChatContrary to popular belief, Twitter isn’t just a fluffy tool that people use to share what they had for breakfast.

When used properly, Twitter is one of the most effective ways to push out timely and relevant content to a target audience that’s interested in the topic at hand.

One particularly useful way information is shared on Twitter is via Tweet Chats. A tweet chat is a scheduled conversation that people can follow via a predetermined hashtag.

There are tweet chats on all kinds of topics, including social media, blogging, and search engine marketing. Like most social media, tweet chats operate in real time, so it’s ideal for interaction – asking questions, sharing information, and carrying on a conversation on the topic.

Earlier today, I was part of the PPC Hero Heroview tweet chat. One Pay Per Click expert is interviewed during each chat, and then takes questions from the Twitter audience.

Here are a few takeaways from the Heroview chat.

Use Adwords Campaign Experiments to improve campaign performance.

Adwords Campaign Experiments, or ACE, enables PPC advertisers to test the impact of changes to their PPC accounts, such as bids, ad copy, and keywords. When used correctly, advertisers can see double-digit improvements in campaign performance.

Display campaigns can be highly effective in broadening your marketing reach.

We’re convinced that display media is more important than ever. In the Heroview chat, we talked about using topics to place ads on topically-related websites, and that even non-designers can create and use image ads.

Display is clearly on the minds of many PPC advertisers: most of the questions asked by chat participants were related to display. If you’re not currently using display ads, put that on your to-do list!

Another thing to put on your to-do list: participate in an upcoming Tweet chats. They’re more than just idle chatter – they’re creating and sharing useful content in real time.