Picking Your SEO Battles: Smart Keyword Targeting for Efficient Resource Investment

In today’s climate of budgetary cutbacks, accountability is a key priority for every company.  But what does accountability in online marketing really mean?

It goes without saying that accurate & insightful reporting is essential – demonstrating results & incorporating learnings ensure an intelligent and adaptive ongoing program.  But more than that, accountability means doing the right thing from the beginning – making wise resource investment choices for the right reasons.  This is where smart keyword targeting and Search Engine Optimization come into play.

The value of niche keyword targeting is universally accepted among SEOs.  Niche terms should be:

  • “long-tail” enough that fewer websites are competing for organic visibility
  • popular enough to bring measurable traffic to your site
  • highly relevant to your site content, converting at a higher rate

Other critical metrics to consider when picking your keyword-targeting battles:

  • Can you leverage any current site ranking, & if so, how much?
  • How much traffic do these keyphrases bring to your site currently?
  • What happens once this traffic gets to your site – does it convert well?

It’s perfectly natural to want the moon for your site right out of the gate – but also necessary to understand what “the moon” is, why you want it, and what it takes to get there.  You might like your site to rank for some very broad “industry label” keyphrases, but your real goal is to increase traffic & sales.

Smart SEO strategy effectively recognizes and targets opportunities that will bring the highest return for your site – and that may not be those broad keyphrases.  To those not familiar with SEO, this strategy may seem counterintuitive.  But in a time when accountability is at the forefront, doing the right thing from square one is crucial to a company’s marketing success.