Search Engine Marketing: SEO and PPC

Is your PPC program a guide to the long-term levers of SEO and content strategy? Helping clients in aggressive markets has always been a great place for search engine marketing. From its copy testing and competitive benchmarking, PPC is a world of directional information and opportunities for improvements that can be applied to SEO and other channels including email, social and site architecture.

When our team ran the search and the landing pages for all the MGM – Mirage properties, the Caesar’s properties and a handful of the strongest independents, we were making markets and changing the value proposition of the brands, eventually tipping the balance of the power away from the wholesalers. Our clients called those relationships “feeding the monster that is eating us”. They would ultimately go from zero to 24% of their sales occurring online, about the same as it is today. Getting search right is critical from many perspectives.

Have you created a “virtuous cycle” between PPC and SEO?

Well-designed search programs will combine the speed and targeting of PPC with the long-term benefits of SEO

  • Do you have a unified keyword strategy across PPC and SEO?
  • Are you running tests in PPC that are designed to guide your SEO approach?
  • Is your content strategy guided by keyword research?

Is your PPC campaign designed to generate traffic, or results?

Are you optimizing the conversion path from the search term to the “thank you” page

  • Are you continually testing and optimizing the content of your landing pages?
  • What percentage of your AdWords units are you updating every month?
  • When was the last time you optimized your PPC bounce rate?

Is your content reaching new audiences?

An effective content strategy is designed to find the audiences targets you’re targeting

  • Do you know what portion of your traffic discovered you through unbranded terms?
  • Do your manage your keywords as a long list of phrases, or as clusters of semantically-related terms?
  • Are you starting your strategy by researching keywords, or trying to find keywords that fit your strategy?

Are you ready to promote and defend your brand’s reputation?

Most of the work to protect your brand really needs to be done before an incident occurs

  • Does your brand have the SEO “juice” to maintain its position?
  • Does your company’s Google profile module appear on brand searches?
  • Is your site registered as a Google Publisher? Are your content creators registered as Google Authors?
  • Do you have images and videos that are optimized to appear when people search for your brand?

Are you chasing an algorithm, or excellence?

SEO is as much a creative skill, as a technical one

  • Do your SEO results improve when search engines update their algorithms?
  • Are you regularly monitoring your site’s technical foundations, through Google WMT and other third-party tools?
  • Are you continually asking yourself, “How would a person relate to this content?”