Save Facebook Content, Snapchat Clones and Foursquare sans Check-ins | This Week in Social Media

Facebook SaveSave that Facebook content for later

We’ve all been there. We’re at work and we see an article we really want to check out, but can’t read it for whatever reason and don’t want to lose it. Facebook has come up with a solution for that: saving the content to read later.

The new feature allows you to essentially bookmark content from links and places to movies, TV, music and recipes so you won’t miss out on something and spend a lot of time scrolling through your newsfeed to find it. Just tap on the “v” in the upper right corner of any post and select the option to save it for later. The new function will only work on content that includes a link, place or entertainment source. See it in action here.

Are we on the brink of a Snapchat clone war?

This week, some Instagram users reported seeing banner ads promoting Bolt, a “one tap photo messaging” service. The banner was quickly taken down, but not before people could screengrab the image and share it around and speculate. Nothing more is known at this time other than the fact that it was promoted as a free download.

Foursquare removing check-ins…wait, what?

Foursquare wants to compete more with review service Yelp, which is why its shedding the checking-in function and moving closer to a search and discovery service. The new Foursquare will allow personalized local searches, meaning users will receive different results based on their preferences and past activity. The new Foursquare will debut in about two weeks.

Worry not, its secondary app, Swarm, will still allow you to tell everyone where you are at any given time so that they will be totes jelly of all of the cool stuff you’re doing.