Safety Check, Google Doctor and REALLY Fast WiFi | This Week in Social Media

Facebook safety checkIn case of emergency…

A fascinating new feature from Facebook announced this week may help users stay in contact with loved ones in times of crisis. The new tool, called Safety Check, is designed to quickly update your status in case of emergency.

Facebook uses information like your last check-in and Nearby-Friends tracking feature (if it is turned on) to determine if you’re near a disaster. It will then prompt users and ask users if they are both safe and near the disaster. This could be incredibly helpful in letting concerned loved ones and friends know if you’re alright during an emergency.

The doctor will see you now

The future is now. Google is testing a Talk to a Doctor feature within medical search results. It allows people to directly speak with a verified doctor through chat.

For now, the service is free while Google experiments and analyzes the effectiveness of the function, but it’s likely to cost something if and when it becomes widely available. While Google is not the only one experimenting with this type of feature, if implemented, it would easily be the largest. Not only would this open up a new form of revenue for Google, but it would allow doctors to avoid patients from self-diagnosing themselves based upon information they find online.

WiFi game changer?

If Samsung has its way, internet speeds will get much faster. The South Korean company has developed 60 GHz WiFi technology that would be FIVE TIMES faster than anything currently available. This would mean a 1G movie could be transferred between devices in as little as three seconds. It would also mean uncompressed high-definition videos could be streamed from mobile devices to a TV in real time.

This isn’t some far-off technology you may need to wait years for, either. Samsung believes it could start to commercialize the new tech as early as next year!