Reading Rainbow Lives, 3D Printing Loyalty and #YesAllWomen | This Week in Social Media

A Pot of Gold is only the Beginning for a Reading Rainbow Resurrection

Star Trek alum, LeVar Burton, launched a Kickstarter campaign Wednesday to bring back his classic show, Reading Rainbow, to the web. In less than 24 hours, the campaign raised more than its $1 million goal (and is now very close to hitting $2 as of this post’s writing). Burton’s plan is to get Reading Rainbow on the internet and launch a specialized version for classrooms that teachers may use for free. While the initial plan to raise the one million dollars has been met, the campaign is still active for another month, giving you plenty of time to donate if you’d like to.

3D Printing: A Loyalty Program Godsend?

While 3D printing loyalty programs my seem strange, it may prove incredibly useful for companies. A special kind of conductive plastic developed can read electrical impulses from the human body, much like our smartphones screens can.

One imaginative use of this technology is 3D printing a stamper with a unique gesture to improve the way loyalty programs are used. It works in conjunction with an app that stores stamps and locations around a user and uses specialized points of contact that can be unique to an individual franchise to provide those stamps. That conductive plastic we’re talking about acts as 5 static fingers that the app recognizes and uses to authorize the stamp. Nifty.

Tragedy Leads to #YesAllWomen Hashtag

In the wake of the tragic Santa Barbara killings last week, people around the world are sharing and discussing stories of violence and misogyny toward women with the hashtag #YesAllWomen. It stems from alleged shooter Elliot Rodger’s motive in his rampage being his rejection and hatred toward women and that, while Rodger’s rage against women and his attack were horrific, women are subjected to hate and abuse around the world each and every day. Since last week, there have been more than one million tweets featuring the hashtag.