Promoted Facebook Posts and Mobile Camera Apps | This Week in Social Media

Promoted Posts on Facebook

Facebook released a new feature last week, giving brands the ability to create highlighted posts. For a flat fee, brands can select specific posts to highlight, enabling those messages to reach a wider audience of existing “fans” by receiving better placement in Facebook’s timeline. For anywhere from $5 to $100 (depending on the number of likes your page has), brands can ensure that a wider audience sees each post, theoretically increasing engagement numbers and hopefully drawing more new likes from friends of current fans. Time will tell how promoted posts will stack up with regular Facebook ads. Stay tuned. Mashable

The Facebook Camera App

Facebook’s Camera app takes one part Instagram and one part Facebook to create an interface where users can set filters to their photos and share, edit, tag and sort with ease. It doesn’t replace Instagram, which still has its own vibrant social community, but the app does make it easier to upload and view photos on Facebook. Have you tried the new Facebook Camera app yet? Facebook

Speaking of Camera Apps …

You can use your phone’s default camera app, but what fun would that be? Dozens of camera apps are available for download, some allowing for basic filters and editing and others stitch together images to create little pieces of art. Camera+ upgrades your mobile camera into a high-tech shot taker, giving you options like independent focus or quick exposures for fast moving objects. Hipstamatic takes a step back in time and gives your photos a low-tech “vintage” feel, while Camera Awesome gives you 300 effects, filters, textures and frames to add to your photos. Which of these have you tried? Any favorites?