Planet Hillary, Pope Francis, and Facebook algorithms | This Week In Social Media

Facebook punishes text posts

That’s right—just when your social media managers cozied up to text-only page posts for their higher reach and engagement—Facebook changed their algorithm again. But that’s okay; it was a silly rule anyway. We like photos, and so does the rest of the Internet—so Facebook tweaked its News Feed formula this week, giving preference to link share posts (where Facebook generates a clickable visual, as opposed to including the link in your post copy) and continuing to favor photo and video content. The company emphasizes, though, that the content you should post to your page depends on your audience. “In general, we recommend that you use the story type that best fits the message that you want to tell,” said Facebook. “Whether that’s a status, photo, link or video.”

Pope Francis calls Internet “a gift from God”

In a papal statement released Thursday, Pope Francis—beloved religious figurehead and avid social media user—spoke freely of his love for the Internet. Rejoice! “The digital world can be an environment rich in humanity,” he stated. “A network not of wires, but of people.” The Pope believes social media to be a means of uniting the world, and to perhaps closing the gap between the rich and the poor—a core concern of his papacy. In case that wasn’t inspiring enough, we leave you with this: “The Internet, in particular, offers immense possibilities for encounter and solidarity. This is something truly good, a gift from God.”

Planet Hillary is a thing that happened

This is a weird one. On Thursday, New York Times Magazine revealed the cover for this Sunday’s edition. It was… strange. The Internet, of course, assumed it was a joke. It… wasn’t. Comedians weighed in. Journalists weighed in. Astronomy scholars weighed in. We don’t have a whole lot else to say.