Pistachio tries Gangnam Style, Tumblr almost as popular as Beyonce, and Ryan Gosling goes commercial | This Week in Social Media

Crackin’ Pistachios – Gangnam Style

YouTube sensation Psy scored his first U.S. endorsement deal to appear in a 30-second commercial for the Wonderful Pistachios’ Super Bowl ad campaign with the tagline “Crackin’ Gangnam Style.”  While the spot will likely draw lots of attention for the brand, which has never advertised during the Super Bowl, it may not all be positive. Fans of Wonderful Pistachios who were offended by anti-American lyrics in Psy’s 2004 song “Dear America” took to the brand’s Facebook page to complain about the choice and call for a boycott. Psy had already publicly apologized for the lyrics.

Beyonce Loves Tumblr

Shortly after “Tumblr” became a more popular search term than “blog,” Beyonce used the platform to announce that Destiny’s Child is reuniting for an album to be released January 29. The new album, Love Songs, will be the group’s first since 2004’s Destiny Fulfilled. Beyonce and husband Jay-Z have taken to Tumblr for big announcements in the past, including the first photos of their daughter Blue Ivy. Tumblr is now one of the top 10 most visited sites on the internet.

Ad Campaign Ryan Gosling

In other Tumblr news, Warner Brothers capitalized on a popular Tumblr meme to advertise Ryan Gosling’s new movie, Gangster Squad. A promoted tweet by the studio starting “Hey Girl…” included a promotional photo for the film reading “are you weak in the knees yet?” The “Hey Girl” meme has been used in every variation you can think of, including Foursquare Ryan Gosling and Feminist Ryan Gosling, but hasn’t been used in advertising by a major brand before. Ryan Gosling did not accept the tweet’s invitation to “RT if you’re in.” Pity.