Pinterest Open for Business, Tablet Domination and Famous Foursquare Mayors | This Week in Social Media

Pinterest is Open for Business

Forget about having to know the doorman to get in the hottest club in town — Pinterest is open for business! The company announced that it’s ditching its invite-only status and allowing anyone to join today. This on the heels of the launch of new categories like Tattoos and Weddings. Pinterest isn’t just huge in the United States, it’s seen big increases in Latin America and other global regions. Your move, Manteresting. TheNextWeb

Jeff Bullas: Don’t Forget Tablet Users

Remember when the iPad was thought of as a big, clumsy iPhone (waiting for lightning to strike me). A recent estimate puts the number of tablets in the U.S. at 56 million, with the recent release of Google’s $199 Nexus 7 sure to boost that number by the end of the year. Currently, about 25% of American internet users own a tablet and the demographics (incomes over $75K, between the ages of 25-44) make them prime targets for marketers. “Don’t forget tablet users,” says Jeff Bullas. That means optimizing web design to limit or eliminate zooms and swipes, paying attention to the mobile experience with your online properties and really considering looking into an app. The question is, are you reading this on a tablet? Jeff Bullas

Mario Batali – Mayor of Northport, Michigan

It’s been a few weeks since we wrote about geolocation-darling foursquare, but the release of Mashable’s interesting article 8 Celebs with Surprising Foursquare Mayorships puts them back in the limelight. Well, my limelight. Mario Batali, along with New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, Brian Solis and even The Woz (mayor of Hard Rock Cafe Lake Tahoe) are active foursquare users, racking up mayorships big and small. Foursquare also quietly brought back it’s “Nearby Friends” feature on iPhone and Blackberry, with Android coming soon.  Mashable