Newsle, Nielsen and Facebook | This Week in Social Media

Facebook and NielsenNewsle purchased by LinkedIn

LinkedIn wants to provide you with more helpful and reliable content on your newsfeed, which is why the social network announced this week it had acquired Newsle, the online tool focused on providing valuable information about your contacts. Exact details have not been released just yet, but LinkedIn has said that Newsle will continue to operate as a standalone company.

We can only speculate right now, but a sensible use for Newsle would provide users with more updates from tagged companies or influencers a user is interested in following.

Nielsen and Facebook teaming up

Privacy advocates aren’t entirely happy with Facebook and Nielsen this week after the two companies announced a partnership to provide more accurate viewing habits through  our of smartphones and tablets.

How might this work, you ask? In a nutshell, Facebook would pull the data from your tablet or smartphone if you haven’t opted out of this sort of tracking through your privacy settings and provide them to Nielsen. While it may not be entirely respectful of users’ privacy, the companies promise that identities will be kept safe and anonymous. The tracking is expected to begin during the autumn television season.

Facebook for VIPs

It’s so hard being famous, you guys!!! That’s why Facebook is making it easier for celebrities (or their handlers) to sift through the noise online to easily interact and respond to people using an app on a mobile device. The goal here is to compete more with Twitter, which makes it much easy for celebrities to track mentions and respond to fans. The app is still in early testing with just a few celebs, but from what we can see so far it’s doing its job correctly!