MySpace Commercials, Facebook Hashtags, and Yahoo Acquisitions | This Week In Social Media

Myspace Moves Out of Beta, Invades Your TV

The new Myspace moved out of beta this week and Justin Timberlake, et al are celebrating with a brash $20 million television ad campaign. The spot—chocked full of young, well-known musicians cavorting in what appears to be a cement box—clearly targets a young audience with its club kid aesthetics, and closes with the tagline “this is myspace,” but gives little indication of the re-launched site’s actual features. There’s no shortage of celebrities plugging the revamped network, but the question remains: Will Myspace be able to woo new devotees with music-focused features already available on other sites?

#Facebook Adds #Hashtag Feature

As rumored in March, Facebook began rolling out a hashtag feature this Wednesday to allow users to participate in “public conversations” by tagging their content with clickable, searchable tags. The symbol has proved useful on rival network Twitter for individuals and brands alike, allowing users to amplify messages to relevant communities. But as many have pointed out, Facebook users weren’t necessarily itching for the feature; only time will tell if this “maddeningly ubiquitous categorization tool” will feel at home on Facebook.

Will Yahoo Acquire Foursquare?

There’s been a lot of buzz over the last few weeks about the potential of Yahoo acquiring Foursquare, particularly because Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer attempted to acquire Foursquare in her previous position at Google. You can see why it might make sense: Yahoo’s most recent acquisition, Tumblr, has similar characteristics to Foursquare. Both aren’t fully monetized yet, both appeal to Millennials, both have a mobile focus and both have a ton of potential. A match made in heaven, or just more talk?