More Snow, Super Bowl Ads and Facebook “Paper” | This Week in Social Media

Snowstorm Sends the South into Deep Freeze

This week, several inches of snow and freezing temperatures struck the southern United States, causing hundreds of traffic accidents, havoc for municipalities and stranding people in their cars overnight. This led to a great deal of discussion online and “Monday morning quarterbacking” on the readiness of the road crews to deal with the worst snow storm in years.

The pictures coming out of the mess on the roads are almost unbelievable for those used to driving in snow, but also some comparisons to the apocalyptic view of Atlanta seen in the Walking Dead television show (image to the right).

Facebook Wants you to Read the “Paper”

An announcement from Facebook this week could be the beginning of big things for the social networking behemoth (or another failed experiment). On Thursday, the company unveiled a mobile news reader app called “Paper.”

Paper will feature multiple categories of news, customizable by you, with he top half of the screen showing big photos and videos, while the bottom half shows status updates and link stories. You can learn more by viewing a short video on Paper here. Paper will be available on February 3rd.

Super Bowl Ads Excite the Masses

This weekend, millions of die hard football fans will be joined by their less than passionate friends and family, who are only there for the snacks and the ads for the game of all games in the U.S. That’s right, we’re talking about the Super Bowl. Luckily for those people more interested in the ads than the game, many of the witty Super Bowl ads are already online and racking up thousands of views.

Among them, are a touching Budweiser ad featuring the classic Clydesdale and an adorable puppy, a sassy Anna Kendrick endorsing(?) Newcastle and a villainous Jaguar ad featuring three very famous British actors (Mark Strong, Tome Hiddleston and Sir Ben Kingsley) reflecting on British villainy in cinema (seen below).  The Super Bowl airs this Sunday on FOX.