Microsoft's, ooVoo the Google Hangouts Slayer and the Social Network for Death | This Week in Social Media

It’s a social network edition of This Week in Social Media with Microsoft rolling out its new social network to the world, video chatting service ooVoo bringing its capabilities to Facebook and the social network for those of you interested in the big dirt sleep – death.

Microsoft’s Own Social Network

Amidst Facebook’s IPO, Microsoft quietly moved its own social media network, out of beta, making it available worldwide. (pronounced “social”, not to be confused with Thionyl Chloride or “SOCl2”) is a Frankenstein of features from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest with features like viewing parties, Wikipedia-like search and trending topics. has some neat functionality but is the world big enough for yet another social media network. Yahoo News

ooVoo – the Google Hangouts Killer?

Social video chatting service ooVoo launched a Facebook app, bringing its Google Hangouts-like service to the big white f. ooVoo is cloud based, not peer to peer, allowing users to connect with friends who aren’t on the platform by emailing, posting or texting an ooVoo link. It allows users to chat with up to 12 people at once and the updated iPad app allows for 12-way chat in HD with simultaneous video streams (Google Hangouts is currently capped at 10 simultaneous chatters.) With video chatting more and more popular, will ooVoo deal a blow to Google+? Business Insider

The Social Network Based on Death

A new social network hopes to gain a following by connecting users by a single, unavoidable life event: death. My Last Wish encourages users to post their final wishes on a wall and connect with like-minded people. Users can add their email addresses and phone numbers to the app which can be shared with others who post wishes like “Own a pet store,” or “Write a book,” or “Score an invitation to Mark Zuckerberg’s wedding (too late).” The app only has an iOS version right now but the company plans to release an Android version for Google fans with a taste for the final frontier. Mashable