Marketing Sherpa Shines Light on Travel Michigan Email Success

We’re tooting our own horn here.  It’s not often that you can catch Marketing Sherpa’s attention, that’s why we’re proud to brag a bit with our client, Travel Michigan.

Here’s the story –

Last year, we were asked to dramatically boost the effectiveness of the Travel Michigan email program.  A multi-million dollar media buy was in the works and the Travel Michigan team wanted to make sure that website visitors turned into a vibrant database for follow-up email marketing.

We took them up on the challenge and implemented four programs to achieve their goal:

  1. An attractive email opt-in offer using a surprisingly effective “off-the-shelf” product
  2. Systematic testing to prove effectiveness before a national roll-out
  3. A controversial online tactic that still works when implemented correctly
  4. A Welcome Email Series that turned subscribers into active community participants

Here’s a peek at the result that counts –

“The impact of the email tests and new tactics exceeded our expectations in every way” – George Zimmermann, VP of Travel Michigan, Michigan Economic Development Corporation

Intrigued?  Check out the MarketingSherpa Case Study, then come back and tell us what you think.