Making Facebook Pay, Without Paying Facebook

Due to the last round of changes in layout that Facebook has made, in particular to Fan Pages, businesses are now presented with a great, relatively free, opportunity to use Facebook for marketing purposes.  I say “relatively free” as the human factor (content selection and posting time) has to be taken into consideration.

The new format on Facebook for Fan Pages means that all items posted from a fan page, whether it be a status update or the posting of a new video or pictures, appear in your fans newsfeed the same as any items posted by their friends.  This gives businesses the opportunity to really utilize the viral aspect of Facebook. 

So how does this work:

·         Your fans “Like” or comment on the items you post

·         Their comments are seen by their friends

·         Their friends comment and possibly become a fan of your page because they like what they see

Simple.  Not only do you collect more fans and expand your reach across the Facebook network, with the inclusion of a relevant URL you will also increase traffic to your company website (just make sure you tag any URL’s posted on Facebook so that you can keep track of where the traffic is coming from). 

Facebook users are highly discerning so it is very important to follow some very simple rules when posting:

·         Make your items relevant and interesting – if they are not, your fans will soon let you know through their comments and their un-fanning of your page

·         Find the right frequency for posting – your fans will let you know if you are over posting and basically annoying them with you incessant chatter

·         Monitor comments posted by fans regularly

So in short, now is the time to take advantage of Facebooks’ latest format to help boost your companies social media marketing efforts.