London Olympics, Why Millennials Share and LinkedIn's Supremacy | This Week in Social Media

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The London Olympics and Social Media

Drama has not been limited to the Olympic venues at the 2012 London Games. The first truly “social” Olympics has seen controversy, celebration and unprecedented engagement in just the first week of competition. The Opening Ceremony saw more tweets than the entire Beijing Olympics in 2008 and the volume of activity surrounding the Games is affecting everything from the well-being of competitors to their bank accounts. Some athletes, like British diver Tom Daley, received harsh tweets following their finishes. Other athletes, like Missy Franklin and Gabby Douglas could reap millions in endorsement deals following the public showering of love on social media. CNN

Millennials and Their Facebooks and Twitters

Everyone knows that Millennials are highly engaged with social media, with their Facebooks and their Twitters and their MySpaces, but why? An interesting article by Sharalyn Hartwell looks not at what Millennials are doing with social media but why they are using the channels so much. The most insightful takeaway for me: Millennials are doing the same things Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers did when they were the same age, but have different platforms at their disposal. A Boomer passionate about a brand or a cause could publicly display and share their loyalty on a t-shirt or bumper sticker. Millennials can post the same sentiment to Facebook or Twitter. Same sentiment, different tools. Read the rest of Sharalyn’s article here: MediaPost

LinkedIn — Silent but Deadly

Facebook stock: down. Zynga stock: down. Groupon stock: down. Who does Forbes think is doing things right? LinkedIn. From the article:

“LinkedIn didn’t just ‘beat the estimates.’ It has put together a playbook that harnesses the great strengths of social media in ways that translate into unusually reliable profit growth.”

Forbes outlines seven habits of a well-run social network and applauds LinkedIn for generating traffic with a purpose, embracing mobile and expanding into vast markets. Here at Fluency we’ve seen the power of LinkedIn for B2B clients and the future looks even brighter for the silent but deadly social network. Even if they don’t offer Words with Friends. Forbes

(Photo: Clive Rose/Getty Images)