LinkedIn Gets Influential, Facebook Hits 1 Billion and Tweeting the Presidential Debate | This Week in Social Media

LinkedIn Adds Influencers

LinkedIn added 150 top thinkers to its network last week. Users can now follow these influencers for updates and expertise on business expertise and industry trends. Top influencers include Richard Branson, Deepak Chopra, President Obama and Mitt Romney. The addition is partially designed to replace Twitter integration, which was recently removed from the LinkedIn feed. LinkedIn hopes influencers will make the professional network a more dynamic resource for liking, commenting and sharing the top news of the day. USA Today

You know what’s cool? 1 billion users.

Facebook reached the 1 billion users milestone last week, up 45 million users since June. The announcement comes on the heels of a change to Facebook that allows users to pay to make their status updates more visible. As Facebook’s stock price fluctuates, and as Facebook continues to tweak its advertising model and internal metrics tools for businesses, users keep coming. Chicago Tribune

As the candidates debate, so goes Twitter

The first presidential debate of the season became the most tweeted political event in history, with over 10 million tweets during the hour and a half showdown. The event was as notable for what the candidates had to say as for the social media buzz surrounding the candidates and the peripheral online conversations. During the debate several fake Big Bird Twitter accounts sprung up in response to a discussion on PBS funding, KitchenAid made a Twitter gaffe, and the public weighed in on policy, economics and debate tactics. Fox News