LinkedIn and Google+ Updates and is Instagram Worth $1 Billion? | This Week in Social Media

Is Instagram Worth $1 Billion?

Just one week after rolling out an Android version of their popular photo sharing iPhone application, Instagram was purchased by Facebook for $1 billion. The Android version saw more than five million downloads in just under a week, which helps explain why Mark Zuckerberg and team decided Instagram was a major competitor to Facebook’s own photo-sharing service and mobile applications. It remains to be seen whether Facebook will fully integrate Instagram into its services or whether Instagram will stand as a separate entity, similar to the relationship between Google and YouTube. Forbes

LinkedIn Adds New Tools

A new tool on LinkedIn allows companies to segment their followers through a program called “Targeted Updates,” then track their behavior with a statistics tool. This targeted marketing and pinpoint analytics is currently being tested by AT&T, Samsung Mobile, Dell, and Microsoft, and should be available to all LinkedIn users sometime this year. LinkedIn

Google+ Adds New Features

Google+ rolled out new features and a new look on Wednesday. The design is visually similar to Facebook’s Timeline, with larger photos and a headline image, and in the coming weeks Google plans to integrate customizable apps and navigations bar. Google+ now has over 170 million users, and the Hangouts feature is rich with potential for both business and personal us. Don’t sleep on the Internet giant just yet. TechCrunch

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