Supercharge Your Lead Generation Efforts With PPC

Many marketers consider email marketing to be old school. Email has been around for a long time – longer than Twitter, longer than Facebook, and yes, even longer than Google. But it’s the workhorse of direct marketing and still generates some of the best ROI in online marketing.

While email is probably the best way to communicate with current customers, it’s not so great at customer acquisition. Sure, you can buy lists, but that’s costly, and bounce rates and unsubscribe rates tend to be high, often exceeding 50% or more. And often those who do subscribe have a lifetime value that’s well below average.

How can you quickly generate a large number of qualified leads to your email database?

The answer is simple: use pay-per-click. PPC has a plethora of features that work to your advantage:

  1. Ease of use: Accounts can be set up in a few minutes with a computer and a credit card.
  2. Quick turnaround: Ads can be live on Google, Yahoo, and Bing within 24 hours – and often more quickly than that.
  3. Targeted audience: Most people know that, with PPC, you get to choose what keywords you bid on.  But did you know that the PPC engines allow you to use geo-targeting to select the countries, states, and cities in which your ads appear?  Yes indeed.  In addition to geeo-targeting, you can also schedule your ads to appear only during certain times of the day and/or days of the week.  All of these features enable marketers to focus their marketing budget on the visitors they’re looking for.
  4. Targeted message: Unlike organic listings, advertisers have total control over their PPC ad copy. This is the place to promote coupons, freebies, features, benefits… anything that will entice a searcher to become a lead.
  5. Targeted landing page: Just as you can control your PPC ad copy, you also have total control over your landing page. We’ve had the best luck generating leads by sending PPC traffic right to the email signup form. A well-designed contact form does double-duty: it puts the form fields right under the nose of the visitor, yet has enough copy, navigation, and visual appeal to avoid offending them.
  6. Immediate feedback:  Online marketing is great because of its immediacy – you’ll know very quickly what’s converting into leads and what isn’t.  PPC is especially nimble, in that advertisers can eliminate non-performing keywords and ads within minutes.

We’ve been able to generate hundreds of leads per day for clients using PPC, and with the right keywords, ad copy, and landing page message, have generated 1,000% increases in database size with very low unsubscribe rates.