Lady Gaga's Fake Followers, Facebook Direct Ads and Making Websites Twitter-ier | This Week in Social Media

34% of Lady Gaga’s Twitter Followers are Fake

Lady Gaga has more than 28 million Twitter followers, but just eight million are actually “good”. Election season and improved social media tools are shining a spotlight on fake Twitter followers and inactive Twitter followers, putting a damper on some of the rock stars (pardon the pun) in social. Just 23% of Twitter’s 12+ million followers on their own platform are “good” and not either fake or inactive. Where do these fake followers come from? Some accounts purchase followers to boost their numbers and look more popular than they actually are. In August, Newt Gingrich lamented his slipping poll numbers despite having “six times as many Twitter followers as all the other candidates combined.” Trouble was, about 80% of Newt’s followers were fake or inactive. Oops. Want to see how legitimate your Twitter following is? Try and try to beat my 90% good followers. Mashable

Facebook Direct Marketing Ads

Direct marketing comes to Facebook, allowing pages to serve display ads to users by targeting IDs, email addresses, phone numbers or accessible personal information. Brands can upload a file with captured email addresses or phone numbers and then match individuals up with matches found on Facebook, allowing brands to target specific groups of people in specific locations with very specific display ads. Sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. Read more at AdWeek.

Make Your Website Twitter-ier

Twitter launched a new tool that enables anyone to embed interactive Twitter timelines on any website. These timelines can be associated with a particular user, a set of users or a hashtag to catalogue conversations and offer a real-time space to keep up with topics, people and events. Twitter