Internet Advertising: No Slowing Down

The results of the newly released 2010 IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report should come as no surprise to those involved with the digital marketing industry.  Overall internet advertising revenue hit a new record for the year, $26 Billion, and was up 15% from 2009.  Since the depths of the great recession in 2009, Internet ad revenues have posted solid gains for five quarters in a row.

Three important notes to highlight:
•    Search advertising remained the most popular format with 46% of all revenue coming from this channel
•    Sponsorships experienced the highest year over year growth with an 88% increase
•    Mobile ad revenue was included for the first time in this year’s report and was estimated to be between $550 and $650 million.

While new online ad statistics are frequently bandied about, the Interactive Advertising Bureau statistics should be considered accurate indicators as they include data from 500 companies which are responsible for 86% of all online advertising in the United States.  

Your Business Has Room to Grow

If you are a business looking to grow your brand awareness online, there has never been more channels and opportunities to do so.  Search, display, partnerships and mobile are all avenues you can strategically target to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising dollar.  By partnering with experts in the digital marketing field, your business can realize its true potential by taking advantage of the fantastic ROI opportunities available.

What Do You Think?

For those in the industry, does this report accurately reflect your experience? What channel have you seen experience the most growth over the past year?