Instagram vs. Vine: The Next Round | This Week in Social Media

Instagram Unlocks Photo and Video Embeds

Instagram kept up with the competition this week, enabling embedding of photos and video (currently only available on desktop) to allow users to insert Instagram content into blogs and articles – an option already available with video rival Vine. This little add will make it easier for content producers to feature Instagram content on personal and professional blogs and websites with a few clicks. And how will Vine respond?

Vine Releases Biggest Update Ever

Oh snap! What they’re calling the biggest update yet, the mad scientists at Vine have added an update to enable features like specialized channels, “Revining” (sharing posts with one click), new video capture tools, protected accounts and a bunch of minor patches. The ongoing battle for video app supremacy is creating some of the best head to head competition in recent social media history (sorry MySpace, but Facebook is still a smidge out of your league). Which video platform basket should you put all your eggs into? Like most of life’s important decisions, let’s let celebrities tell us what to do!

Lebron James vs. King Joffrey vs. Shirtless Justin Bieber

Which video app are celebrities using on their own fancy mobile devices? Lebron James released a sneak peek of his rap skills on Instagram (score one for Instagram) but the horrible King Joffrey (any Game of Thrones fans out there?) jumped on Vine to shoot a video of him kissing a puppy. James Franco went with Instagram, Ellie Goulding crowdsourced through Vine and this guy did this thing. We’re so confused! When in doubt, check in with the Biebs. Holding the tiebreaking vote, Justin Bieber released his first Instagram video on the day of the feature’s launch, clocking the first one-million like post in Instagram history (1.38 million and counting as of this writing). The shirtless Canadian giggles his way through 14 seconds free of singing, dancing and substance. Regardless, we have our winner. Instagram! Until next week, when Vine will probably be more popular. Until Instagram is again. It’s going to be an interesting summer.