Instagram Video, Facebook Photo Comments, and Firefox Cookies | This Week In Social Media

Instagram Adds Video Tap to focus!

In a highly-anticipated press event this Thursday, Facebook—as rumors suggested—introduced video to Facebook-owned Instagram. Why video? Because Vine. Twitter’s 6-second video platform Vine has swelled in popularity since its introduction in January, with shares of Vine links recently surpassing Instagram shares on Twitter. Adding video to Instagram—a network with over 100 million active monthly users—may certainly make Instagram the video sharing platform of choice for many social media users, particularly because of Instagram’s impressive video filters, image stabilization, and tap-to-focus features, none of which Vine currently offers.

Facebook Now Permits Photos in Comments

This week Facebook announced it would begin rolling out a feature that would permit users to directly add photos to replies on posts. This allows users to instantly add an image to a post as their reply instead of linking to an outside image, which previewed the image in a small thumbnail and (awkwardly) displayed the link. The good news: it’s now much simpler to reply to your friends’ posts with images of hilarious cat memes. The bad news: more cat memes. The cycle continues.

Firefox says no to cookies

Mozilla announced plans to introduce a “Do Not Track” feature to the Firefox web browser that would allow users to block cookies that track their online activity. A Cookie Clearinghouse will give users more control over which cookies they allow to track their activity, and for what purpose. The feature is a win for proponents of Internet privacy, but may make life more difficult for online advertisers who use cookies to track customer behavior and place targeted ads.