Instagram hits the big screen, Google searches for immortality, and Pinterest sells things | This Week in Social Media

Royal Caribbean puts Instagram videos on the big screen

Royal Caribbean Australia is laying claim to the world’s first Instagram film contest. The cruise line is asking fans from Australia and New Zealand to submit 15-second videos of their “wow moments” and vote for their favorite entries to determine which 100 videos will be featured in a real-life film festival. It wasn’t long ago Instagram’s short video competitor, Vine, made it to the Tribeca Film Festival. Could it be we’re entering a golden age of micro-movies? If these festival submissions fail to impress, well, at least they’ll have a captive audience—the festival films will be screened aboard one of the company’s ships in February 2014.

Search: (sickness AND death) OR (mortality) AND (solved)

Google CEO and co-founder Larry Page has announced the company’s next challenge: human mortality. The latest of Google’s moon shots—as Page calls the company’s most ambitious projects—will be the launch of Calico, a new health and wellness company that will seek a solution to the physical deterioration and illness that is part of human life. First step? Data analysis. And you thought Chromecast was the best thing Google did for you.

Pinterest adds ads

In a dramatic turn of events, Pinterest will begin featuring pictures of stuff you’ll want to buy. The network has started placing promoted pins in users’ feeds in an inevitable attempt to earn advertising dollars. Pinterest has already gained the loyalty of some big-name retailers, so the move comes as no surprise, and promoted pins probably won’t be as intrusive as upcoming Instagram ads. Given the nature of Pinterest content, will we really even notice when we’re explicitly being sold a product? Probably not.