Instagram gets direct, Facebook stalls, and SpaghettiOs offends a nation | This Week in Social Media

It’s like Snapchat, but will old-timey photo filters

Instagram hosted a rare press event Thursday to unveil the new Instagram Direct feature, which allows users to privately share photos and messages with selected friends. By introducing private sharing, Instagram follows in the steps of image-sharing competitor Snapchat, which recently rebuffed an offer by Instagram’s parent company, Facebook. But given the latter’s reputation, is that a good thing?

This site could not be redesigned

A “temporary technical issue” prevented many Facebook users from posting to pages or personal timelines Tuesday and, per usual, the Internet community took this setback in stride. Just kidding! Everyone freaked out. In other Facebook news, the social network announced this week that its much-touted redesign is indefinitely delayed, due to a disappointing response to a small initial roll-out of the revamped site.

Never forget—Eat SpaghettiOs

SpaghettiOs became the latest in a long line of brands to get things wrong on a solemn occasion. The canned noodle brand attempted to commemorate the attack on Pearl Harbor by tweeting an image of its cartoon noodle mascot smiling while waving an American flag. Unsurprisingly, an immediate backlash prompted the brand to remove the tweet and issue an apology. We didn’t think it needed to be said, but cartoon noodles and national tragedies usually don’t pair well.